All Church Services and gatherings are temporarily suspended 
during this national pandemic by order of the NC Bishops.

The church office will be operating virtually. 
Updates will be posted by e-blast and our church facebook page as well as  Sunday Services
  If you need assistance please
contact the curch office at 704-399-5193

St. Mark's Episcopal

Build counity... living the way of Christ



The word cursillo is of Spanish origin meaning 'workshop' or 'mini-course'. Cursillo has been come to know internationally as a church movement originating in Spain. Its purpose is to support laity to fulfill their unique calling as Christian leaders. These learned leadership qualities may be exercised at work, home, socially, and within the church itself. 

Cursillo leaders don't have power over others; Instead, they recognizes themselves as a vesicle of the Holy Spirit to inspire others. It's goal is that of the church: to bring all to Christ. This is done when informed, trained leaders extend themselves with the support of others holding a similar commitment. It renews and deepens the Christian commitment as those who have experienced Cursillo have felt that they encountered important learning experiences giving them purpose.

Cursillo is a three day weekend beginning on a Thursday evening and concluding on a Sunday. Each of these three days, Holy Eucharist is celebrated and talks given by laity and clergy who have meticulously prepared for the weekend. The Cursillo weekend can only be experienced once as a participant. It does not liken itself to the solitude of a retreat; instead, the teachings of Christ are discussed extensively and joyfully with others seeking to strengthen their faith. 

Cursillo is open to all adult Episcopalians: men and women, married or single. Laity and clergy alike are invited to join in fellowship. Each participant has a sponsor who has attended a Cursillo previously. This sponsor will assist you in preparing for the weekend, and (more importunately) mentoring you beyond the weekend. If you wish to learn more, consult your priest and a form Cursillo participant. Pray about it, and if you feel God leading you to attend, submit an application provided by your church.