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Mat 12 * Mark 2:23-28 * Mark 3:1-6 * Luke 6 * Luke 13:10-17 * John 5

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Embrace the Sabbath! St. Mark's makes it easier by not over compacting Sunday mornings; please, see our calendar for details. The  congregation endeavors to accomplish three key practices:

Keep God’s Holy Commandment regarding the Sabbath rest.
Honor the Sabbath as a time to play and pray with God in new ways.
Put down another activity to pick-up Sabbath rest and renewal.

Click the image [left], and download the pamphlet (pdf) to launch yourself into a heartfelt embrace with the Lord. The pamphlet offers suggestions for how to fully enjoy your Sabbath. Besides stress, what have you got to lose?

A Sabbath Day Prayer

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May you see falling stars and hear children sing. 

May you find rest for your soul and touch the robe of God.

~ Anonymous