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There is something deeper about the life of faith that we never fully experience until we learn to give ourselves as fully, freely, and deeply as God gives to us. Discover a new joy in giving. Not everyone has the same resources, but every person can meaningfully invest themselves in what God is doing at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. There is no formula for what you should give, but there are resources [right] to invite God into your finances.

What is the church? 

Spoiler alert... it's you!

"Bring your full tithe to the

temple treasury so there will be

ample provisions in my temple.

Test me in this and see if I don't

open up Heaven itself to you and

pour out blessings beyond

your wildest dreams.

For my part,

I will defend you against marauders,

protect your wheat fields and

vegetable gardens against plunderers."

Malachi 3:10-11

How to Donate

Via Snail Mail or During Collection at Services:

 Checks can be made payable to St. Mark's Episcopal. Please indicate in the note line where your gift should be directed: Pledge, General Fund, Outreach, New Building Ministry or Other (describe).

This link goes to a form in realm that has a drop down of where you would like your donation to go.

General Fund

Capital Reserves

Alter Flowers

La Escuelita

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